Investment Loans

We have come up with customized loans that will fit their specific needs.



Investment Loans

Real Estate Investment Loans can be used for many purposes including paying off existing debt, obtaining cash for additional investments, and various other purposes. Each and every client is unique, which is why at Bravo Mortgage, we have come up with customized loans that will fit their specific needs.

Since our loan processing team moves quickly, you can take advantage of our Investment Loan opportunity. Our loans are structured in a way that allows you to have enough money to make any repairs or improvements to your investment property. This will help you to increase the value of the property. Our rates are also below those of our competitors. We offer incredible loan-to-value options up to 80%. We also fund loans up to $2 million with FICO scores as low as 640.

Our aim at Bravo Mortgage is to build a long and profitable relationship with our clients and our mortgage broker partners. Due to strict, unrealistic guidelines, borrowing from traditional financial institutions like banks is becoming almost impossible. Even if you are approved, you will have to wait for several months while working through the paperwork before getting a loan. Bravo Mortgage has direct access to Hard-Money Lenders with the unique ability to look beyond a borrower’s past and focus on the equity in the real estate to fund their investment loans.

Foreclosures, challenging credit, and prior bankruptcies are considered hurdles, not roadblocks. Thinking outside the box has helped us offer our customers the investment loan funds they need. We can help those with Multifamily properties, large Commercial projects and other types of properties. Our experience and proven track record have taught us that listening to the client and doing what they want leads to a successful transaction.


Multifamily Lonas

Refinance or purchase your multifamily apartment building with the help of Bravo Mortgage. Access lower rates, higher leverage, and longer amortizations than other lenders get for their borrowers. That is, let us make a landlord out of you.

Multifamily buildings are a great way to make extra income, and of course, you’ll want yours backed by a specific loan made for Real Estate Investors and Landlords. When time is at a premium and the pressure is on to make an offer on the multifamily building you have your eye on, our quicker response and better rates could mean the difference between a decision made and an opportunity lost.

Bravo Mortgage goes where other loan advisors don’t, meeting all of our promises and beating other multifamily loan rates. Our clients for multifamily loans are not new to the real estate process, yet they are consistently surprised with our ability to make their deals go smoothly. There’s just no way for a borrower to have access to the capital and relationships that we do, and that’s why we use everything in our power to set our clients up for life-long success.

We are here for you every step of the way, from initial contact to financial analyses and beyond to make sure that the closing and handing-over of the property goes off without a hitch. We pride ourselves on the knowledge and expertise we have in our team of loan officers. From negotiating and renegotiating loan terms and fees, to drawing up terms with the sellers, there is no better value-added multifamily financial intermediary than Bravo Mortgage. We’ll allow you to focus on the more important things, like renovating and filling your new investment.

Talk to us first about your lending requirements, and we’ll show you the variety of terms that come with our best multifamily loan rates. Along with the security of a fixed payment, our multifamily loans are the best way of getting what you want while protecting yourself against the inevitability of rising rates.